Mikhaylo Cherkashenko


The classical methods of creation of schemes using tables of transitions, states, Carnot's cards and other means which dimension depends on number of
inputs and outputs of the scheme are not acceptable for systems big dimension (with big number of inputs, outputs and internal states). Control systems
of hydropneumatic units are the determined systems of big dimension. Now at synthesis of systems of hydropneumatic units the standard position
structure having the known advantages, but which is characterized by a large number of elements of the projected scheme is used. Partial minimization
of standard position structure was offered in the works Yuditsky S., Goedecke W., Belforte G., Reydzo J., etc. The method of full minimization of the
standard position structure offered by the author allowed to receive the minimum structure of schemes due to receiving of minimum the operation
graph and the offered mathematical model – the matrix conformity (MC) which dimension does not depend on quantity of entrances and exits of

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the standard position structure, the matrix conformity, the operation graph, minimization, hydropneumatic units, inputs, outputs, states, synthesis of systems, schemes

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PDF (English)


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