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Aleksandr Lynnyk
Mikhaylo Cherkashenko
Nadezhda Fatieieva
Aleksandr Fatyeyev
Vladyslav Ponomarov


The method of analysis of circuits of hydropneumatic actuators is offered, which allows to detect and eliminate existing design errors, mainly related
to the inconsistency of inputs operating between technological operations and "power struggle" on actuators, as well as the method of synthesis to
obtain the scheme, which contains close to the minimum number of logical elements. A formalized method of analysis of control circuits of
hydropneumatic actuators is proposed, which allows to detect and eliminate errors possible during synthesis. Equations of output functions and internal
states of the system are written directly according to the scheme of the hydropneumatic drive by the method of standard positional structure and from
the matrix of correspondences by the method of minimization. Error detection is carried out by determining the correctness of the graph of operations,
analysis of the input sequence, the correctness of the matrix of correspondences and the corresponding system of equations. The efficiency of using the
matrix of correspondences of M. Cherkashenko for the analysis of schemes is shown, the dimension of which does not depend on the number of inputs
and outputs, but only on the number of transitions between technological operations. Further, it is not difficult to correct errors in the design and, if
necessary, make appropriate adjustments to the scheme. When adjusting the scheme, the method of combining the functional and logical capabilities of
the distribution equipment, as well as the modules built on it, was also used. The proposed method is an effective means of detecting errors,
inaccuracies, performance checks, rational construction of circuits, and can be widely used by designers of control systems for hydropneumatic
actuators, as well as university students in the study of methods of construction of circuits

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