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Yevhenii Krupa


At present, the development of software packages for calculating computational fluid dynamics problems has reached a high level of efficiency,
accuracy and flexibility, with their help it is possible to solve the most diverse and complex problems. All modern software packages for
computational fluid dynamics solve the problems of continuum mechanics using models based on the Navier-Stokes equations. These models are
based on three conservation equations: conservation of mass, conservation of momentum and conservation of energy. A numerical simulation of the
spatial flow of a high-head radial-axial hydraulic turbine Fr 310 was carried out for two variants of the flow path – with an runner with 15 blades
(modification 1) and with 17 blades (modification 2), using the OpenFOAM software package. The OpenFOAM software package is one of the most
used products designed to solve fluid dynamics problems and is distributed under a free GPL license (General Purpose License). The process of
solving the set hydrodynamic problems using the CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) software package includes the following stages: creating a
three-dimensional model of the object under consideration using a computer-aided design system; construction of a computational grid with the
required parameters; selection of a mathematical model that most accurately describes the working process in the flow parts of hydraulic machines;
selection of a suitable turbulence model; setting boundary conditions. A visualization of the results of a numerical study of two modifications of the
Fr 310-V-100 hydraulic turbine is presented. A method for calculating hydraulic losses in the flow path of a hydraulic turbine is presented. The
analysis of the results of numerical simulation was performed. This analysis showed that the modification of a hydraulic turbine with a runner with 15
blades is better in terms of efficiency than the modification with 17 blades. Comparison of the two modifications was carried out exceptionally by the
values of the hydraulic efficiency of the hydraulic turbine.

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